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Teak Furniture – Durable, Long Lasting Elegance

When it comes to outdoor furniture, teak furniture is your best bet. Teak is very durable and is not adversely affected by the elements such as the sun and rain. You can leave your teak furnishings outdoors all year round with no protection at all and still enjoy them for many years.

When you buy furnishings made from teak you have the choice of treating the wood or not. If you leave the teak alone, it will turn grey after about three months and have the “weathered” look that appeals to many people. The other option is to treat the wood with teak oil two to three times a year. This will retain the wood’s natural color.

Whether you decide to treat your teak or not will have little impact on the lasting ability of your furnishings and is more for aesthetic appeal. Your outdoor decor will help determine which way to go with your furniture. For a more rustic look you may want to go with the untreated weathered look, where a more elegant decor may call for a treated look.

No matter which way you go, your teak furniture is sure to provide you with years of outdoor enjoyment!